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My name is Empress Keno. My very first blogging experiences was on this platform, blogger, from 2007-2014. Like many things in life right now, I have come full circle. Welcome! Started with a Shop, now i'm here!  Last year, while going through a very difficult time emotionally; I decided to commit to self care. For me, self care is self expression in every sense of the word. My creativity is very active and vibrant.  When I started shop3care - my vision was an organic online beauty supply filled with reminders for myself and others to take care of ourselves. A year has passed and now I am transitioning all things in life, including my brand (shop). I have decided to focus on content creation rather than retailing physical goods. The primary motivation behind this is travel. However, I have been also having a phenomenal time vlogging, editing, etc. Soon, very soon, I will be making one of the biggest changes in my life. I am incredibly excited about it. I've decided that the blo


I'm always trippin off time. Time is trippy though. -- Thank you Kindly. Yours in Wellness, EmpressKeno


 In the kitchen with the wrist, bwoy!


Back to basics but with a tier of elevation. Love that for me.  -- Thank you Kindly. Yours in Wellness, EmpressKeno

Life Lessons

Don't get impatient when it takes too long

Eid in Dar es Salaam

Today was Eid and I enjoyed seeing everyone dressed in their best, out on the town. Especially the chirrens.  We also got some sandals from a shoe maker in town today. It was cool. Video soon come.

We’re jammin

Tis the season to boss up

I did it

I built my team. I have a staff of 9. Wont he do it?!